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USPTO_resizedA US or foreign patent gives you the right to exclude all others from making, using or selling the claimed subject matter of your patent, or its equivalents.

Before you decide to pursue your idea, you should be confident that a market exists for you new idea that is at least large enough to cover your investment costs to obtain a patent and preferably, significantly larger than that.

Determining Patentability

It is a usually best to have a patentability search conducted before you invest time or money in a new project idea. If cost is a factor initially, you can conduct a free preliminary patent search on the Internet. However, before a patent application is filed, a search should be conducted at the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO).

We are located in close proximity to the USPTO and have a working knowledge of the area and the examining groups. Typically our patentability opinions include patent search data obtained from:

  • A computer based search at the USPTO;
  • A manual search fine-tuned based on the results of the computer search; and
  • If necessary, a follow-up with a patent examiner in the group art unit where your patent application will be examined.

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A patentability search and opinion provides you with a set of patents and/or published patent applications that are the most closely relevant to the subject matter of your idea.  By knowing the closest patents and published patent applications, we are able to prepare your patent application with claims that provide you with the broadest possible coverage for your invention.  Also, we can use the closest patents and published patent applications to serve as a basis for comparison when preparing  your patent application. This comparison can be useful to show why your invention is an improvement over what is already known.

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