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Patent Applications, Trademark Applications, Invention Licensing

  Our patent attorney and trademark attorney and invention licensing firm concentrates on helping independent inventors and small to mid-size technology companies secure strong patent protection and trademark protection for their novel products and processes. We also provide invention licensing and negotiation assistance to improve the generation of client revenues and to avoid or resolve potential […]

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Federal Circuit Limits Business Method Patentability in View of US Supreme Court Alice Decision

Ultramercial faced off again with WildTangent at the Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit (“CAFC”) when their case was remanded to the CAFC for the second time from the US Supreme Court.  Ultramercial, Inc. and Ultramercial, LLC v. Hulu, LLC and WildTangent, Inc., 2010-1544,  CAFC ( November 14, 2014) Ultramercial brought a patent infringement […]

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US Patent and Trademark Office Reduces Trademark Application Filing Fees

On January 17, 2015 the US Patent and Trademark Office reduced its filing fees for Federal Trademark Applications. The fees for online filing of TEAS Plus was reduced by $50 to $225 per class of goods or services.  The TEAS Reduced Fee (TEAS RF) Application is a new type of online application having a filing […]

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IBM Obtains the most patents in 2014

IBM was granted the most U.S. patents in a single year for the 22nd straight year.  IBM is attempting to transform itself through the use of cloud computing and data analytics and their patent portfolio reflects the technology that they intend to use. International Business Machines Corp.’s 7,534 patents in 2014 beat the record it set […]

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Pricing and Contracting Negotiations Insufficient to Constitute a Sale within the US

In Halo Electronics, Inc. v. Pulse Electronics Inc. and Pulse Electronics Corporation, CAFC 2013-1472,-1656 (October 22, 2014), the Court of Appeal for the Federal Circuit (“CAFC”) reviewed the opinion of the District Court for the District of Nevada. Among other things, the District Court granted summary judgment that Pulse Electronics (“Pulse”) did not sell or […]

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US Patent and Trademark Office Extends After Final Action Consideration

The US Patent and Trademark Office (PTO) has extended the After Final Consideration Pilot 2.0 (AFCP 2.0) through September 30, 2015. New Feature – AFCP Response Form (PTO-2323) A new feature of the AFCP is designed to reduce prosecution time and increase collaboration between examiners and applicants or their representatives. In response to an AFCP […]

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